Stand UP Ecuador Summer Experiences

Prepare yourself for a summer of service, cultural immersion, and adventure! Learn how to care for the Earth with the Quichua people, be mesmerized as you walk through rainforests, and cool off under refreshing waterfalls in the Amazon. →LEARN MORE

International Kallah Summer Experiences

This program goes beyond the classroom, bringing Jewish culture to life through art, music, and sports-based programming, just to name a few. Enjoy your last chance at a traditional camp experience before college while diving into the many facets of Judaism, connecting with your Jewish identity, and developing strong relationships with teens from across the globe. →LEARN MORE

Teens in Central Europe, Summer Experiences

Explore the cities of Munich, Prague, Berlin, Nuremberg, and Dresden as we trace the winding story of Europe from its origins through the history of the 20th Century.  →LEARN MORE

Israel Journey, Teens on the beach, summer travel

Take in the sunrise from Masada, ride a camel in the desert, and surf the Mediterranean. Graduating seniors can join us on special Class of 2024-only buses, meet other Jewish teens going to their college or university, and soak up the vibrant energy of the Jewish homeland. →LEARN MORE

Ultimate Central Europe Israel Summer Experiences

Combine our flagship Israel experience with a journey through the heart of Europe to experience a true full-circle journey of redemption and renewal. Seniors will start on our Central Europe Discovery program, then connect to our senior-only bus on Israel Journey.LEARN MORE

Teens in ILSI, Summer Experiences

This elite, three-week leadership seminar allows teens to dive deeper into Israel’s culture and diversity, having high-level discussions about the Middle East’s only democracy, all while taking in breathtaking sights. →LEARN MORE

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