BBYO is a proud RootOne Trip Provider. RootOne is an initiative that helps connect thousands of Jewish teens to Israel by lowering the financial barrier to participate in immersive summer trips to Israel and investing in the educational quality of those experiences.

A limited number of $3,000 RootOne travel vouchers are available for teens participating in any BBYO Passport Summer Experience in Israel, including programs that combine experiences outside of Israel (e.g., Europe + Israel). Teens traveling on our 10-day Volunteer Israel program are eligible for a $1,500 voucher.

In order to receive a RootOne voucher, families must register their teen for an eligible program in Israel. See voucher details and eligibility rules below. BBYO will send RootOne voucher application instructions directly to families within one week of their successful registration.


RootOne LLC, [a/is a] Delaware limited liability company, whose sole member is the Board of Jewish Education, Inc. d/b/a The Jewish Education Project, a New York not-for-profit corporation.

*NOTE* A completed voucher application does not guarantee approval. Voucher decisions will be at the discretion of RootOne.


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Teen experiences in Israel are a BBYO priority, and scholarships are available

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